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Quote of the day

If the rain spoils our picnic, but saves a farmer's crop, who are we to say it shouldn't rain?

Chief Eng.Humphrey Omondi


C.E Humphrey is a Marine Engineer, He holds COC Class 1- Dar Tanzania,Dip, in BRG/ERM human
Resource Management-Norway, DP Maintenance- Houston Texas, Huet- singapore.
He has Vast Experience as Chief Engineer at Offshore and Conversional shipping industry
He has worked at Posh with PTTEP  inarthit oil field Thailand as Chief Engineer
He has worked at Posh with Chevron Thailand Exploration & production in Platon  oil fields
In Thailand,as Chief Engineer
In Malaysia with Petronas chaligali in oilfield and in India BG and LT at Panna and Mukta oil
Field in India as Chief.
Done New Buildings and Conversions of OSV  Vessels in Singapore as CE.
Worked withGlobal Container lines,Kenya Marine Contractors as C/E
Spanfreight& SVS Singapore
African Marine as Marine Engineer/Supervisor.
He is a co- founder of Humeric Holdings and Losirwa Hills Ranch a real estate company that is empowering the youth acquire property through flexible credit facilities in purchase of property.
Chief Engineer Humphery holds the capacity of Chairman in Crossfield and Humeric Holdings

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