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About Crossfield LTD

Crossfield Limited is a global agribusiness which was created with our core values of sustainability, best practices and innovation.

We are committed to our people, our investors and our community to strive for excellence, fairness and value creation to build a world class Kenyan agribusiness with global reach. We aim to supply our customers with the best quality products sourced and grown fairly and sustainably.
We commit to never deviate from our roots and core values.

It was established in early 2008 to pursue agribusinesses opportunities in Kenya. The company focuses on investing in, developing and operating agribusinesses in Kenya and East Africa Region. Crossfield Limited was started by a group of entrepreneurs who combine a strong track record of successful investing in Kenya with deep agribusiness, export and operational expertise.

Crossfield Limited has successfully developed and currently operates Muranga Farm, a 20 acre Mango farm located in Muranga, Kenya’s prime Fruit growing area. In addition, Crossfield Limited is currently developing Moringa Farming, a business which will focus on sourcing organic Moringa oliefera and producing Moringa product for the export market.

Currently we are working with farmers from the East Africa region to help source and support Moringa farming.
Crossfield also deals with farmers both large and small scale, to help them source for market of their produce Grains, Cereals & Lentils. For resell in the international market.

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